Finish Peeled Off/ Faded、Parts Rusted

① Wear and tear

② Limescale build-up

DO: Soak a towel with 5-6% vinegar, then cover the affected area Wait for 10 minutes, then clean it with water.

③ Improper maintenance

Follow proper cleaning instructions:

Daily Maintenance 

Descaling Treatment 

To effectively remove limescale buildup caused by hard water, follow these steps:
Note: Test scale remover in an inconspicuous area of the product finish before using it widely to check for compatibility.
For best results, perform this descaling treatment every one to three months. Regular maintenance will help keep the product looking its best for years.  


* Do not use cleaning products with acidic, caustic, bleach, or mildly alkaline properties and those labeled as rust removers.
* Do not use cleaning materials or appliances with an abrasive effect, such as unsuitable cleaning powders, sponge pads or microfiber cloths.
* Failure to follow these care instructions may damage the product finish.
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