No Or Low Water Flow

Either hot or cold water supply is low, causing low mixed flow since pressure balance value always keeps both supply sides at equal pressure
Make sure both hot and cold supplies are at full volume and especially, the heater provides enough flow

① Low inlet water pressure

Remedy:Check water pressure (If a pump has been installed, check to see if it is working)

② Nozzles clogged

Remedy:Wipe clogged nozzles several times with fingers while the water is running
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Wipe Nozzles With Fingers
Descaling Treatment

③ Filter gasket in showerhead/ handshower connector clogged

Remedy:Remove and clean the filter gasket, then reinstall it

④ Restrictors clogged

Remedy:Check and clean flow restrictor
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Operation Guide

⑤ Cartridge clogged

Remedy:Remove and clean the cartridge

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