Fixing The Shower's Leaking Issue

Leak From Cartridge

Cause Remedy
Incorrect cartridge installationAlign cartridge bottom with main body, then reinstall it
Cartridge bonnet nut looseTighten bonnet nut. Click For Video
Cartridge damagedContact KES for replacement
Tips to Align cartridge bottom with main body

Leak From Connectors

Cause Remedy
Wrong size or damaged plumbing fittingsDouble check connectors or contact KES                                                                          Note: Size of plumbing fittings should be 1/2"-14 NPT
Insufficient Teflon tape/sealantWrap Teflon tape around connector 5 times and apply sealant
Tips for Connectors Installation

Leak From Showerhead

Cause Remedy
Shower head damaged/crackedContact KES with photo/ video for replacement
White rubber ring wornAs above
Ball joint adapter looseRemove showerhead, tighten ball joint adapter separately, reinstall.
Miss filter gasketUse spare filter gasket or Contact KES for replacement

Leak From Shower Arm & Handshower Supply Elbow

Cause Remedy
DamagedContact KES with photo/video for replacement  
Insufficient Teflon tape/sealantWrap Teflon tape around connector 5 times and apply sealant  
Tips to Wrap Teflon tape and Apply sealant

Leak From Shower Hose

Cause Remedy
Miss filter gasket from the hose connectorUse spare filter gasket or Contact KES for replacement  
Filter gasket wornAs above
DamagedContact KES with photo for replacement   

Dripping after shut-off

Cause Remedy
Cartridge dirtyRemove and clean the cartridge
Cartridge damagedContact KES with video for replacement   

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