No Or Low Water Flow

① Low Water Pressure/Plumbing Clogged

Disconnect the supply hose and check if the water flow from the home plumbing is low. If so, contact a plumber for an inspection.

② Supply Hose Kinked

Fold supply hoses as shown below:
Use model L4150 as a demonstratio

③ Clogged Aerator

Click For Video:
Using Aerator Wrench
Using Adjustable Wrench And Towel (Anti-scratch)
  • Some models do not include the Aerator Wrench and 2.2 gpm spare aerator.
  • Contact KES to obtain a replacement kit for the aerator if needed. 
  •  Please check your local plumbing codes to ensure compliance before making any changes.

④ Cartridge Clogged/Damaged

Contact KES for replacement.  

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