Pole Tilted/ Product Loose

Follow these steps to check and adjust

1. Only one screw was installed

Ensure two screws are installed on the base. If only one is installed, please install two to ensure stability. 

2. Screw connecting the rod and base is loose

Tighten the nut in the middle of the base.

3. Screw on the base is loose

  • Refasten the product to the base to reinstall .
  • Use the allen key provided to tighten the screw under the base.

Special cases

For Model A2106

Ensure that the base screw aligns with the recess, and that the recess is located directly below.If not, adjust as picture.

For Model A2104

For Model BTH217

  • Please confirm if all the gaskets on the diagram have been installed in place
  • Gaskets missing? Do not worry, Contact KES for replacement!

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