Miss Return Window

Have any questions? Do not return it yet!

Please contact KES first, and the after-sales team will answer and handle your questions. 

☑ Contact KES

Email: cs@keshome.com,  Click to Chat now!
  • Please provide:
  • dated proof of purchase
  • decription of the defect/fault
  • picture or video showing the issue(s) (optional)

△Notes for return

  • Amazon offer returns for items within 30 days of receipt of shipment.
  • If for any reason this product does not meet your expectations, make sure repack all parts of this product in the original box to avoid delays in the return process.
  •   More informations, click here: Returns and Refunds - Amazon Customer Service

△How to return an Amazon order?

Not exceed the return period (within 30 days):
  1. To return orders go to Your Orders. To return a gift, see Return a Gift.
  2. Choose the order and select the Return or Replace Items.
  3. Select the Reason for return menu.
  4. Choose how to process your return. If applicable, select to issue a refund or replacement.
  5. Select your preferred return method.
  6. Print your return label and return authorization.
  7. Add your return label (if applicable) and package your items securely for return.
Exceeded the return period (over 30 days):
Since different countries may display different pages, the following operations can be performed according to the actual situation:
Step ①
Find and click【Help】or 【Customer Service】at the end of the foreground page. Or click the link to chat:https://www.amazon.com/contact-us
Step ②
Click【A delivery, order or return】→【Contact us】
Step ③
Choose one feasible contact method: Phone call / Chatting now / Email.
Step ④
Please tell Amazon customer service: 
  • "The product has never been used and just been opened recently, then it is found that the product is not applicable, so you want to return it. "
  • Ask Amazon customer service to open the return window again, the order will display 【view return label & instructions】.You can use this return label to return the product.
Note: FBA fees will be deducted for the return beyond the return period.